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2004 IG/RS, A Magazine curated by Maison Martin Margiela.
Each issue is a new adventure. Because our guests “design” their own magazine, it is “invented/reinvented” over and over again. With Maison Martin Margiela this adventure brought us into contact with everybody that has ever had ties with the house, long or short. Permanent staff members, casual collaborators, trainees, assistants, models, artists, photographers, musicians, choreographers, filmmakers: some of them are still closely connected to the house, others have since gone their own way. Maison Martin Margiela and the “extended creative life and expression of the house” became the leitmotiv. Therefore this magazine is like a reunion, where all of these people were invited tobe present within its pages, to show what they are working on at the moment or a piece of work which still remains very dear to them.
Since its very beginnings the Maison has worked with white, in all its shades and temperatures, as a unifying signature. A trace of these whites, in their many expressions, overt and hidden, runs as a thread between the participations.
“The past is what bonds us — The future leads us” became the dress code for this reunion. — Hilde Bouchez & Gerdi Esch, Editors

Ice saffron
Mask by Charlotte Trabet
work in progress ! 

Ice Saffron
HG Ryu holding a piece of work


video stills from i-D for comme des garçons, a film directed by gideon koppel, florence biennale 1998

10 Men Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012 “Fringe” Feat. Simon Van Meervenne by Jason Kibbler